Book Review – The Method

Author – Shannon Kirk
Genre – Crime/Thriller (suitable for YA readers)
Excitable rating – 8/10

This is your pretty classic set-up of a kidnapped narrative, young girl is held hostage against her will and the narrative is split between her PoV and the FBI agents charged with finding and rescuing her.  The thing that makes this narrative hugely different is the main character, and victim of the kidnapping.  She is a 16yo pregnant girl, sounds pretty vulnerable right?  She is most definitely not.  An above average IQ and a capacity for vengeance that I quite frankly envy make her a formidable captive.  In fact even referring to her as a captive feels completely inaccurate.

She is BAD ASS.   I am totally in love with her characterisation, the way Kirk describes her internal workings, how her borderline sociopathic mind operates kept me completely riveted to the page.

That is actually the other thing that made this title stand out to me from other crime/thrillers, the writing was really beautiful.  Kirk’s vocabulary and usage of it are just stunning on the page.

One thing that I am personally intrigued by is the delineation between legal and moralistic retribution.  Kirk is completely willing to have her characters move away from legality, but although this may be a grey area legally our moral compass as the reader feels that the deeds acted out by the characters are not only just but necessary as we realise the law does not always have a strong or long enough reach.

Exciting Features

  • Completely brilliant main character, who’s internal monologue is both funny and edgy
  • Classic grumpy FBI agents – with great backstories
  • Main character is a 16yo pregnant girl who refuses to be the victim, and Kirk handles writing about her pregnancy really well
  • Perfect blend of action, beautiful prose, and snark


Thanks for reading!

~ The Excitable Feminist

(Sorry about the long gap between posts, I’ve moved house!)



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