Film Review – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange (Marvel Cinematic Universe) – Directed by Scott Derrickson
Genre – Fantasy
Excitable Rating – 4/10

First of all does anyone else feel a little bit of typecasting is occurring with good ol’ Benny Cumberbatch as the obsessive, arrogant hyper-intelligent type..? **cough** Sherlock **cough** Alan Turing **cough**

I can’t really decide if I liked this film; was it enjoyable in an unsurprising generic plot kind of way – like a comfortable old jumper you’ve worn a thousand times – or was it just pretty much meh?*

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as our lead Doctor Strange, who’s this super awesome neuro-surgeon running about saving people… Although only the cases which he feels are worthy of his time i.e. the most complicated ones. Which in my opinion makes him a pretty shitty doctor.

Rachel MacAdams is Christine, the “Love Interest”, there to be the balm to soothe our hero’s troubled soul but they made her a doctor too not a nurse so it’s totes not sexist.  Christine seemed pretty cool to me, and MacAdams played the role well she just had an absolutely rubbish amount of screen time and next to no development or back story. Like why is this totally awesome Doctor fawning about after this arrogant asshole Steven Strange?!?!?

Tilda Swinton is The Ancient One.  Now this character I am well aware caused a veritable shit storm on the internet when it was announced that Hollywood would once again be white-washing a character who was originally Asian in the comics, which filled me with rage so much that I only watched this film as it was a gift not one I purchased myself.  After watching the film I do understand, sort of (bare with me please), what the studio was attempting here.  I suspect the aim was to move away from the stereotype of the wise old Asian guy (which is offensive) and give the lead of a powerful organisation to a Woman.  Though they then picked the androgynous actor Swinton – thus removing any overtly sexual or feminine element from the female character therefore making her entirely less threatening to male audiences as a representation of Female Power. In conclusion I respect what they were trying to do but they pretty much epically failed.  (the role could just of easily been given to an Asian woman)

Stylistically I really like the film, the geometric design of the spells and the mirror dimension were very cool.  The plot was a little flat for me, but again this was definitely a film to give us background info for when Strange is introduced in a later Marvel Pantheon movie (probably Infinity War).

Overall it was not totally awful, Marvel just let me down once again in its under-representation of well-rounded female characters and with its love of whitewashing.

Thanks for reading!
~ The Excitable Feminist

*Meh: meaning un-noteworthy verging on a bit shit.


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