The Unoriginal ‘Why I’m Doing This’ Post

This is going to be the classic ‘why I started this blog’ post.  There are of course a multitude of reasons, is there ever just one reason for someone doing something? Probably. The main one though is that I bloody well wanted to… that and to give my poor friends and family a break from the incessant feminist ramblings which I spew forth.  Hence the need for this blog; which shall be the receptacle for my thoughts and views on things from the films I watch to feminist theory I read.  I may even take some of those nice photos of the books I’m reading when I review them because #aesthetic.  Feminism as an ever-evolving theory and ideal is therefore something that I will probably get ‘wrong’ sometimes so please excuse me if you feel I’ve fucked up royally.  I’d really appreciate it that if people notice anything like that to just notify me, I don’t ever want to stop learning and I would never say I’m fully educated in any area of feminism… other than possibly the feminism I employ in my own day-to-day life (even then it’s a stretch).

I am a peelly-wally (read: hella pale) 22 year-old from the Highlands of Scotland, I’m a graduate of Literature and I work in a bookshop – sensing a theme yet? I travel sometimes, but mainly I read a lot and when I’m not reading I watch a range of TV shows or I’m down the pub. 

Ultimately what I would like to gain from this blog is an improvement in my writing skills and to just enjoy myself…

Thanks for reading!

~ The Excitable Feminist x


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